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Tesla Model 3/3 Performance

Tesla Model 3/3 Performance

In these recent years, there are some revolutionary changes in car industry that EVs are taking place some of conbustion cars. Some car companies even make sport cars in their segements. Karbel is now offering our very first carbon body kit for EVs. Model 3 is one of the most popular compact E-sedan, we decided to give them a bit of carbon accent for those tesla owners. Full body kit is availble now and I believe you won't miss a bit for your be-loved E-pocket rocket.



    This body kit will fit Tesla Model 3/ Performance.

    Full kit includes:

    -Front Splitter

    -Fog Overlay

    -Side Skirts

    -Rear Diffuser (With side extension)

    -Bootlid Spoiler


    We only accept returns if the products have quality issues, such as coating cracks, buckle damages and lighting failure etc. Before handover to customer, we will check the products making sure there is no such issues, and we reserve the right to explain the return policy.


    Shipping would be around 3-4 weeks depending on the stocks.

    Karbel ship worldwide. Please email us for more infomation about your shipping region

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