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Karbel Introduction

Karbel, an own brand from China, was founded in 2015 specializing carbon fiber body kit for high-end automobiles, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz Porsche etc. Karbel is also a supplier with function of product development, production and sales. Our product line ranges from front splitters, bonnet, fenders, side skirts, rear spoilers and rear diffusers. And we use prepreg material through autoclave process. This provides our products characteristics of lightweight, high strength and better durability for car enthusiasts for body kits. Karbel Australia was establish in 2019 mainly focusing on Australia market and global market, and we hope that our intention of making high quality products could be globally influential in car modification industry in the future.

Manufacturing Process

Carbon fiber has developed rapidly in recent years. However, there are various varieties of carbon fiber. Most of carbon fiber panels we commonly see in car interior panels is glass carbon fiber. These use resin to harden carbon fiber cloth to ensure proper cure, while these products would not be as strong and durable as the ones with prepreg autoclave process. Prepreg material is also the carbon fiber fabric premixed with perfect ratio resin meaning no excessive amount of resin in finished products, and we put the in-process carbon fiber into autoclave to have better cure and polymerization with high pressure(0.4Mps-0.6Mps) and high temperature (130℃-200℃). So that this ensures its strength being 2 times more than steel’s. Even the panel clip/buckle of our products could stand 30kg force.



Our products use anti-UV clear coat to finish the product being able showcase the texture of dry carbon fiber and to provide protection.



Our products feature lightweight and high strength in manufacturing process. Our diffusers weight around 0.6 kg to 0.9 kg, and front splitters weight around 0.4 kg to 0.6 kg. Bonnets is around 7 to 9 kg. Weights from different models.

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