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BMW X4 Competition 2019

BMW X4 Competition 2019

Our products are made of dry carbon (prepreg material) that is cured in autoclave in high pressure and temperature. These material and process ensure that our products can sustain higher force and temperature than the vacuum infused carbon fiber panel. Our dry carbon products have 2 choices of finishes (clear coat and matte finishes) for a better presentation. From the inside of the product, you may see relatively rough surface, and that is the status before being coated


    This F98 X4M competition is ready to square-off with this spectacular body kit. This Coupe SUV is not just something practical but exciting to look at especially propelled by S58 monster under the bonnet and karbel carbon armour.


    -Front Lips


    -Front Vents

    -Side Skirts (in pairs)

    -Roof Top Spoiler

    -Mid Spoiler

    -Diffuser (with brake light)



    We only accept returns if the products have quality issues, such as coating cracks, buckle damages and lighting failure etc. Before handover to customer, we will check the products making sure there is no such issues, and we reserve the right to explain the return policy.


    Shipping would be around 2 weeks depending on the stocks.

    Karbel ship worldwide. Please email us for more infomation about your shipping region and we can organise the shipping for you.

    For local buyers in Sydney, we can deliver to your home for free on scheduled time.

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