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BMW 4 Series G22/23 2020-

BMW 4 Series G22/23 2020-

BMW 4 series


4 series has always so elegant since this was firstly introduced in 2013. However, BMW iconic double kidney grille has been controversial in this generation. People end up liking it as part of global trend of design. Moving to the side the sloping roof line which is kind like 8 series. Karbel has one-piece side skirts overlays to match the roof line. Rear arches are less muscular than the old 4 series G82. When we look at the back, which is very good looking but the trim and diffuser is rather subtle especially on the bootlid spoiler, air vents and diffuser. Karbel rectifies a bit with overlays and lighted diffuser for a more aggressive look as we thought it should. Good thing about 4 series is the exhaust is not fake or hidden behind the bumper, and Karbel diffuser has bigger cutouts for the exhaust tips.


    Demo Car is G22.


    -Front Splitter

    -Fog Overlays

    -Side Skirts (in pairs)

    -Diffuser with lights (with extension)

    -Rear Frames

    -Bootlid Spoiler


    We only accept returns if the products have quality issues, such as coating cracks, buckle damages and lighting failure etc. Before handover to customer, we will check the products making sure there is no such issues, and we reserve the right to explain the return policy.


    Shipping would be around 3-4 weeks depending on the stocks.

    Karbel ship worldwide. Please email us for more infomation about your shipping region

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